For all other dates please contact us as  Send all questions for reservations as well as any inquiries you have about us to:

The BEARigny Suites are GAY owned and operated. Our 3 main Suites, Elysian Fields, Marigny & Courtyard are our ADULTS ONLY ***** 25 & OLDER.****** No children please. The owners also reside on the site. Our Rampart House is our children friendly property.

For reservations visit our Online Store page to submit a Reservation Request Form or more information email us at bears@thebearignysuite.comType your paragraph here.

$200 deposit is required to secure a reservation
$300 deposit is required for a holiday/special event reservation 
All deposits are non-refundable for any reason
All deposits are subtracted from your balance
During festivals, conventions, holidays, or special events, we require additional payments towards your stay, prior to your arrival date
Special event, holidays,groups, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties require 1/2 of your stay to be paid up front. A payment plan can be determined between both parties.
We accept deposits via PAYPAL on our website by going to our "online store" located at:

Additional Deposits: Are per Suite rented.
$150 security/cleaning/key deposit per Suite rented  Courtyard, Elysian Fields & Marigny Suites.
$200 security/cleaning/key deposit for The Rampart House 
This fee is also due at point of check-in.  
At check out if there are no damages and your Suite(s) is left in acceptable condition, and all keys are returned, you will receive half of your deposit back in full
The remaining balance of your deposit is a non-refundable cleaning fee.
Lost keys or damages will result in full loss of your total deposit. 
A valid photo id must be presented . No exceptions!
Laundry service: wash, dry, fold and deliver, is available for $25.00 per stay. Up to 2 loads.

2017 - 2018 Sold Out Dates

2226 COURTYARD Suite, SOLD OUT Dates: 


December 7-12, 2017

December 22-26 2017

December 28-31 2017 New Years 2018

January 13-15 2018
February 4-6 2018 1st wknd Mardi-Gras 2018

February 8-11 2018 Mardi Gras

February 12-15 2018 Mardi-Gras

March 8-11 2018 GROUP

April 21-26 2018

2230 Marigny Suite,  SOLD OUT Dates:

December 8-9, 2017

December 16-23 2017
December 24-29 2017 Christmas
December 31 2017 - January 2 2018 New Years

January 7-8, 2018

January 9-11, 2018

January 12-15 2018

January 18-20, 2018

January 26-27 2018

February 1-4, 2018

February 8-9, 2018

February 9-12, 2018
February 10 - 13, 2018 Mardi-Gras 2018

February 24-26 2018

March 2-5 2018
March 8-11 2018 GROUP swap 9-11 to RH.

March 14-19 2018
March 23-26 2018

April 6-8, 2018

April 17-23 2018

April 25-28 2018 Jazz Fest week 1, 2018
April 30-May 7, 2018 Jazz Fest 2nd weekend

May 16 -19, 2018

2228 Elysian Fields Suite, SOLD OUT Dates:

Dec 7-11, 2017

December 26-Jan 1, 2018 NYE

February 1-4 2018
February 10-13 2018 Mardi-Gras 2018
March 2-4 2018

March 8-11 2018 GROUP

April 25-29 2018 Jazz Fest 1st weekend

2240 Rampart House, SOLD OUT Dates:​

December 23-26 2017 Christmas
December 27-29 2017

December 30, 2017- January 1, 2018 New Years Eve
February 10 -13 2018 Mardi-Gras 2018

March 9-11 2018 SWAP out MS to RH Upgraded.

March 22-25 2018
April 12 - 15, 2018 French Quarter Fest 2018

Call 504.309.0062 to book directly with us and avoid fees at short term rental sites.
Please see our new Reservation Request Form on our Online Store page. 
You can make a request and we will confirm back with you.  

2017 Regular Rates:

Courtyard Suite: $135 per night 
1-2 guests
Full service studio 2nd story apartment

Elysian Fields Suite: $175 per night 
Up to 5 guests

Half a house with a kitchenette and two bedrooms and living room

Marigny Suite: $175 per night
Up to 5 guests
Half a house with a full kitchen and W/D and two bedrooms

Rampart House: $300 per night
Maximum 6 guests are permitted. An additional 2 guests are permitted with advanced arrangements.

 Free off street parking right in front of the property.
Covered parking is FREE per request, and if vehicle size permits.
Contact us for special arrangements.
2017 Special Event Pricing:

Courtyard Suite: $185.00 per night
See details above

Elysian Fields Suite: $275.00 per night
See details above

Marigny Suite: $275 per night
See details above

Rampart House: $400.00 per night
See details above

There is a 10.0%  Orleans Parish tax added to your total stay. 

Rates are subject to change, until a rental agreement has been agreed on by all parties.
We do offer a early BEAR check-in, if available. Up to 3 hours prior for: $25.00 fee per Suite.

Pets are NOT permitted.  

NO SMOKING - in, on, or in front of the properties. Smoking automatically FORFEITS your deposit.

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